The Power of Intention and the Power of Now

The Power of Intention and the Power of Now

We are reminded over and over that right now, in this very moment, we are planting the seeds of intention for our future. The choices we make today will influence our health, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual awareness right now, and beyond!

sun survivor- Comet LoveJoy!

For very many, as for me also, the past few years were very intense years, with many challenges and growth. I have been extremely busy with family matters: weddings, births, passings, lots of support, but also lots of shifting, “dropping” of the ego and lots of “letting go’s”. My daughter Liz got married last year, and now, she became a mother of a beautiful baby girl named Juniper…that means that I’M A GRANDMOTHER! I can’t begin to express the excitement, wonder and gratitude for such a special event in my life! I’ve never pictured myself as a grandma, and now that I am one, I’m totally thrilled, and somewhat curious to watch this little bundle of joy unfold and develop, play, learn, wonder and grow. I can now totally savor the experience of holding, playing and learning to “unlearn” from an infant without any reservation or attachment!

There were many more events that happened unexpectedly this year, but I’m only speaking of the ones that we are all rejoicing. As so many events happened this very year, I pretty much dropped everything I was doing (my own agenda), in order to attend them all, and also to stay present and centered, (by taking the time to do my daily yoga, practices and meditation, without which I don’t know what I would have done),  to be at service for whatever was in front of me…and with the flow of One Life.

There were many times that I could have lost sight of the reality as is (and of course, once in a while I definitely did!), and sink into the old “unreal” fabricated conditioned mind drama, if it wasn’t for my daily practices, the many great spiritual books that I have studied for so many years, and for my Theosophical training. I remember when I first met my husband Jhaura, we were talking about spiritual matters and I asked him what books made a good impact on him, and he responded that there were many, but he just named few, like: The Power of Now, A New Earth, At The Feet Of The Master, Light on the PathThe Power of Intention etc. I remember reading The Power of Now by Eckahrt Tolle and then listening and re-listening to the CD’s Jhaura gave me, and during my weekly trips to LA from Ojai, I listened to them over and over seven times! They made a great impact on me at that time, and especially on my relationship with my husband, daughter and with everyone around me. It was a great awakening for me, and I will never forget all the tools I learned from Tolle, especially the self awareness, moving from the “pain body” to the awareness of emotions comiong and going.  The Masters and the Path by C.W. Leadbeater was another book that made an amazing impression on me, leaving me wanting to tred the Masters’ paths, Masters who were speaking to me directly ( I strongly felt) through this book. I actually felt like they were literally giving me (just me!) instructions on how to go about this spiritual awakening that I wanted so badly!

It is very important for anyone to have a daily stable practice, whether is just sitting quietly for even ten-twenty minutes, reading inspirational books, or practicing Yoga, Qigong, etc. If you don’t already have a daily spiritual practice, I encourage you to find one that resonates with you. According to many accounts, this upcoming time is a window allowing us to propel the power of our practice and intentions forward and for us to experience significant moments in time and expand the infinite source of our own soul, so a practice at this time is vital! Let’s just try this simple meditation right now: Focus your attention between your eyebrows, keep your mind free from any dualistic thought, let your form be filled with breath essence up to the top of your head and there, soak in radiant spatiality….how does it feel?…Ah, great, right?

As we all tell our stories, we have a choice to tell our good ones or not so good, and to attract more of either. We just have to remember that in the end, they are ALL stories, and wether they are good or bad, they are cluttering our minds. Emptying our minds is then crucial for our perception to deepen. When we feel grounded,  balanced, and light-hearted, our energy  flows naturally out into the universe, uplifting everyone in our immediate sphere of influence and even those beyond. We become more playful, more open, and more creative. In this state of receptivity, new insights spontaneously emerge in our awareness, allowing us to experience deeper levels of fulfillment and express our unique talents. On the other hand, when we get caught in emotional drama and turmoil and feel out of balance, and drained, we may feel like we don’t have enough energy to nourish ourselves, much less give to others.

Circle of friends!

Co-creative and collaborative energy is the wave of the now, as we experience more meetings of like- hearted. Harmonious balance and shifting consciousness of the masses, is all about integration of many talented souls with compassionate focused.  Creating the new paradigm is thecoming together synergistically and with the power of intention to co-creating something that hasn’t been done before, using also the power of our heart’s vibration.

We are ALL interconnected, and we can really make a tremendous difference in EVERYONE’S life, including ours if we understand the power of intention, the power of now, and  the power of coming together for the highest good!